Amunì is a Made in Sicily jewelry collection that brings along the best of ancient Sicilian traditions. A golden homage to the land that has inspired it, which reveals its essence through a unique portrayal of the most popular and characteristic symbols.

The collection stands for a comprehensive jewels selection: earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings evoking Sicilian images and motifs.

The Prickly Pear Pallet is one of the most iconic designs of the collection and can be thought of as a symbol of Sicily, a difficult and thorny land hiding profound beauty and harmony of colours, scents, and flavours. This is why prickly pears represent one of its tastiest and most appreciated fruits.

The Wheel and the Sicilian Cart Side call to mind the historical agricultural vocation of this land; Amunì revives the colours and patterns expressed by farmers who decorated simple objects to combat the monotony of such poor and arid lands.

The Donkey is the emblem of a perfect combination of undeniable stubbornness and absolute kindness and patience. It’s the animal that can be charged without limits and able to bear anything; just like the Sicilian people, who have had to come to terms with a difficult and painful history, but that were able to shoulder it with great dignity.

The Coffa bags were used as horse and mule feed containers and have inspired the traditional Sicilian beach bags, decorated with mirrors and colourful tassels that can be found in numerous items of this collection.

All pieces are crafted of sterling silver with a 18K yellow gold plating, an exclusive technique that makes them precious and unique. All different components are mounted by hand, just like each semi-precious stone, emphasizing the harmony of shapes and colours. We use natural stones only: garnets (red), peridots (green), amethysts (purple), and blue and yellow topazes.

Each model is disclosed in an original manner thanks to many changeable elements designed to offer a wide choice: all purchasers will be able to pair a donkey with a coffa bag, or a cart with a pallet, as they please!


First of all the prototype is designed and entirely hand made, and then reproduced using the die-casting production technique (machining operation with the use of molten metals injected at high pressure into a mould).

This technique allows us to reproduce with extreme accuracy the hand made prototype. Next steps are filing, tumbling, finishing details, stone setting, and gold bath. In this final stage silver items are submerged in a galvanic bath where electric currents flow. The charge is transferred from one electrode to the other and the gold particles precipitate onto the silver surface. The result is a uniform and resistant layer, although very thin.