Burnìe is the second collection of the brand Nasta Sansone paying tribute to Sicily. By expanding the horizons to the Mediterranean Sea and reflecting on the different cultures overlooking it, the island is acknowledged as the main meeting point.

The inspiration is drawn from an every-day use object, a terracotta pot of cylindrical shape. The Arabs called it Burneya, Catalans Albùrnia (they fist started to glaze them) and the people from Piedmont named it Burnia or Amburnia.

Amunì, the previous collection, looked to the iconic symbols of Sicilian fields, Burnie turns toward Home, with its pantries and terraces, recalling the beauty of flowered vases and jars filled with good and simple food.

Burnìe is more than pure beauty, each pot symbolizes a container of mysteries and ancient alchemies for women who captured its double essence.

The pieces of the collection have a compact and solid texture, interspersed by a play of full and empty spaces increasing the three-dimensional design of the jewel with its peculiar transparencies and sense of touch. They are all crafted of sterling silver with a 18K yellow gold plating, an exclusive technique that makes them precious and unique. The enamelling craft is done by hand. The colour schemes used to decorate the jewels reflect the traditional colours of terracotta pots.

The models, a tapered one (long) and a rounded one (wide), come in different colour combinations and some versions are enriched with agate pendants.