collezione-fortuna.png Furtuna is the third collection of the Nasta Sansone Brand; it’s a collection entirely Made in Sicily, just like the other two, but with a different spirit. It represents a joyful greeting form the creative duo composed by Maria Pia Nasta and Silvana Sansone to their homeland. It is a dedication to Sicily – a land that is as rich as needy and defective – and a prayer for prosperity in the hope of bring good luck.

The symbols of the collection are the most common and well-known ones for bringing good-luck and warding off bad luck with a simple gesture or an anecdote, such as horns, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers with their ladybugs, and the peculiar frog. The last one is a curious symbol of luck in love, because it could metamorphose into a handsome Prince charming!

All models are all crafted of sterling silver with a 18K yellow gold plating and semi-precious natural stones.

The collection is characterised by the Nasta Sansone style and by the possibility to mix the different symbols, offering a wide choice according to every client liking.