Nasta Sansone is a jewellery brand born out of passion for design and creativity, but even more than this from a great friendship between Maria Pia Nasta and Silvana Sansone.

Maria Pia and Silvana started exchanging sketches and drawings at school, hiding them from the teachers but under the admiring eye of their classmates, who were witnessing the flourishing of shapes, weaving patterns, and colour combinations that enchanted everyone.

Their passion grew larger over time, until it became a profession. Both of them distinguished themselves in jewellery design for their personal style, different – yet complementary. They never stopped exchanging views, suggestions, and even fierce criticisms! Just like true friends believing in each other and aiming at the best possible goal.

Their personal growth as designers is sprinkled with achievements, but now the time has come to go along a new road, and what better starting point than their own homeland, Sicily?

The first collection called “Amunì” is an invitation never to stop and always look forward to the future with full trust, with ambition for self-improvement, never forgetting your origins, those roots that one never looses no matter where you are in the world. The proposed images belong to the Sicilian tradition and are moulded into new shapes thanks to a careful selection of materials and stones. Naïve designs and varied textures take these jewels beyond the simple act of wearing them. Each item is enhanced by the person who wears it, and a unique and symbolic relation is forged each time.

The second collection, called “Burnie”, turns toward Home, with its pantries and terraces, recalling the beauty of flowered vases and jars filled with good and simple food. An everyday object representing at the same time a container of mysteries and ancient alchemies for women who captured its double essence. The pieces of the collection show different colour combinations, and some of their versions are enriched with agate pendants in different colours. They have a compact and solid texture, interspersed by a play of full and empty spaces increasing the three-dimensional design of the jewel with its peculiar transparencies and sense of touch.

The latest collection is “Fortuna”, which represents the desire to bestow something pretty. What could be more beautiful than bestowing fortune? It is like bestowing life, love… Fortune is something that everyone wishes for. The symbols of the collection are the most common and well-known ones that ward off bad luck, such as horns, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers with their ladybugs, and cowbells banishing bad thoughts with their merry sound. The most peculiar and less known subject is the frog prince that turns into a prince charming… every woman’s dream!

This is the spirit behind all Nasta Sansone creations. It is more than a simple brand, rather a lifestyle generously offered by the person who wears it to those who see it.